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John Kennedy O'Connor

John Kennedy O'Connor

News Director/Anchor

John Kennedy O’Connor brings over twenty years of live broadcasting and journalism experience to KIMA, having been the lead news anchor with KIEM-NBC & KVIQ-CBS stations covering the Northern California region and creating several stand-alone online programming strands spotlighting local news, issues and personalities.

Previously, JKO reported independently on a wide range of subjects internationally, reporting stories for the BBC, CNN, Sky News, Al Jazeera and multiple national and international radio stations. For Australia’s ABC TV & Radio network, JKO provided political commentary and perspective on international issues. For several years, he was the live host of the daily education programming for CreativeLive and anchored other online news programming, alongside Facebook’s corporate channel programming.

In addition to his broadcast work, JKO has published multiple works on a variety of subjects, including an international best seller published in English, German, French, Swedish, Dutch, Danish, Finnish and Russian!

A naturalized American citizen, JKO was born in London, England, but has been a US resident since 1992. JKO’s passion for storytelling and broadcast work stems from a lifelong interest in travel and discovery. So far, he has visited 84 different countries across every continent.

His latest journey has brought him to Yakima, where you’ll see him cycling the greenway and exploring all the area offers for new adventures and exciting challenges.