Rising Stars 07-20-2018


Joslyn Standley may be only eight years old. But, she's already a veteran of the volleyball wars. And, solid in the classroom.

The third grader to be at Selah Intermediate School has loved playing the game since she was able to hold a ball.

Joslyn competes in one of my favorite sports to watch, sand volleyball. And, enjoys the indoor version as well.

At age seven, Joslyn was one of the youngest athletes in Team Yakima history to make a U-12 Squad.

Following in the footsteps of her two older sisters, Joslyn also sure to be a future KIMA highlight.

With a goal of volleyball at the college level...and some day representing America in the Olympics.

Not a doubt here. Joslyn, this week's Rising Star, brought to you by Steve Hahn's Auto Group.

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