Naches Little Leaguers Having Fun on Diamond


NACHES, Wa - Coaching Little League Baseball can be a lot of work, but the kids can make it so rewarding at the same time.

Rolling out the Little League season in the Yakima Valley, the Iron Pigs from Naches taking on the Bandits. They may be rivals on the baseball field, but many of these kids know each other and play other sports together.

This time of year many of them play multiple sports at the same time such as soccer and basketball to go along with baseball.

Iron Pigs team captain Rowdy Mullins play them all.

"He's getting to strikeout a bunch of his friends today," coach Jeremy Mullins said. "He's got a busy schedule, he plays basketball on Saturdays, we have baseball two days a week (and) a bunch of same age kids on the team so it's really going well."

There's no shortage of energy or talent for these youngsters and they love being at the ballpark. For some of these kids it can be a positive distraction from life's hurdles that they may experience at home or at school.

"He's getting through," Mullins said. "His teammates on a regular basis on these different teams are helping him out a lot also."

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