Local Dance Team to Perform at Seahawks Game


YAKIMA, Wa - Friday night the Seahawks play the Chiefs and you can see that game right here on KIMA. While the Seahawks will use the third preseason game to get a feel of how ready they'll be for the season opener, there's one local dance group that just might steal the show.

The Fusion Dance and Cheer group part of the Kirkland Dance Academy at the Bethel Church in Yakima. Kids of all ages participate in cheer and dance and prior to Friday night's Seahawks game they'll be performing on stage at Touchdown City located at the Century Link Field Event Center.

The tickets to the game are a reward for all of their work in the community performing at bingo halls and other community events. For most of these kids it will be not only their first Seahawks game but their first time out of Yakima and these kids could very well be the stars of the night in Seattle on Friday.

UPDATE: Unfortunately because of technical difficulties we were unable to upload additional video of the dance team.

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