Local 4H Youngsters Putting on a Show


SELAH, Wa - It doesn't get much more All-American than 4H and not nearly as many kids are doing it anymore. But, the ones who are make the Yakima Valley proud as they're putting on a great show.

The youngsters were going for it in the barrel racing competition at the Hart Ranch in Selah. This open 4H show featured young riders who aren't at home staring at computer games.

They're out there working hard in the corral and almost half of them have been around horses since they were old enough to walk. It could be safe to say that they will be for the rest of their lives.

"I want to do rodeo, maybe train, I've got a three year old at home I'm training right now," Anissa Capps said.

While not everyone came away with a championship trophy, they all had fun.

This competition was a fundraiser for next month's Yakima County Horse Camp with classes and instruction, pretty much everything you need to know about riding a horse.

"We do this every year," Kim Lansing said. "Bring people out, they have fun (and) it's a low-key chance to get out to see your friends and ride your horse."

And these girls do go, just plain fun to watch, Capps on Whiskey riding like the wind.

"It was awesome considering this is my first time ever doing this kind of stuff, my first year," Capps said.

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