Erosa Back on Track


TACOMA, Wa - The Emerald Queen Casino was jam packed this past weekend to watch Julian Erosa do his thing in the cage and the Yakima native did just fine.

Only KIMA with the coverage as Juicy J took control in the first round of a mixed martial arts rematch with Justin "Ruckus" Harrington for the lightweight championship.

"I don't want to give people the idea that I'm not willing to take rematches or fight the best around," Erosa said. "I think Harrington is one of the best 55ers around in the Northwest, so I was willing to put him to the test again. I really just want to keep fighting and get back to some of the bigger shows."

Erosa is on the fast track to returning to MMA's top echelon and back to his national reality television show level of world competition. The Yakima Valley native's decisive victory over Harrington is another step in the right direction.

"(The) fight pretty much summed it up," trainer Rich Guerin said. "(He) stayed patient, kept on it, what we thought would happen, happened."

"I take the fights I can get, I'm healthy (and) I just want to fight," Erosa said. "I love to do this, obviously the UFC is the number one objective. If I can't get there I'm just going to keep fighting as many times as I can until they let me back in."

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