Selah Renames Ballpark in Honor of Archer Family


SELAH, Wa - The team of the winningest high school baseball coach in the state plays at Wood Field right here in the Yakima Valley. Wood where? It turns out that the baseball field at Selah's Carlon Park was named many years ago after longtime fan and supporter Noel Wood.

Now the stadium has an additional name in honor of the Archer Family and the fantastic job they've done with this facility and the Selah Viking and Yakima Valley Pepsi Pak teams during the summer legion season for the past three decades.

With the approval of the Selah City council, this is now Archer Park at Wood Field.

Thank you coaches Mike, brother Rob and father Bob and so many assistants who have made these local model programs emulated by teams all around the state.

With assistant Rob right there, hall of fame head coach Mike Archer has chalked up nearly 470 wins, nobody else in this state comes close.

For years the Archers have spent many hours keeping this park one of the most beautiful in the state, along with the time they've invested in their players and their children.

The City of Selah will hold a ceremony to officially rededicate the baseball field at Carlon Park, Archer Park at Wood Field later this summer.

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