Local Ladies Don Favorite Football Teams Jerseys


YAKIMA, Wa - We all love to wear our favorite team jerseys. But, it's safe to say, few of us can win the look like these local ladies.

From the Lady of Steel to Touchdown Tori, local female football fans suited up in their favorite edgy NFL team attire.

Battling to look the best in Christel Clear Photography's Football Diva Contest.

"It's football season (and) wanted to do something fun," Christel said. Love to shoot portraits, combined with that came up with football glamour shots really. We get their makeup done, cute little outfits of their favorite team. Kind of gets them more involved. Fun contest for this time of year."

"It's so much fun," contestant Kindra said. "To see your pictures come to life is an amazing feeling."

The Sports Divas mini-shoot contest continues through the football season and the winner will be crowned before the Super Bowl.

"The whole experience is very uplifting," Christel said.

"If you win, you win a crown and other glorious prizes and what girl doesn't enjoy a crown," Kindra said.

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