Local Grandmother Works Chains in High School Football


YAKIMA, Wa - It's always fun and inspiring to see grandparents of local athletes in the stands at games, but it's not everyday where you see them actually working the games ... on the sidelines.

Sharon Rock stays busy on Friday nights during the high school football season as part of the chain crew at East Valley High School football games. Rock, 74, did the same thing for many years in California and had to ask to be able to the chains at Red Devils games.

She finally got the opportunity when they didn't have enough people for the chain crew one night and when the athletic director asked for volunteers Sharon was the only one who stepped up and has been working the sidelines ever since.

"They were short one time and I said I’ll do them and I came over and did that, the AD kept an eye on me until he decided that I knew what I was doing." Rock said.

Her biggest fan may be her grandson, East Valley lineman Kyler Vanicek, but he didn't know that Sharon was going to be working the chains. So, at first, Kyler was caught a little off guard seeing his grandmother on the sidelines.

Sharon also helps with the school as a substitute secretary whenever the East Valley School District needs help. She also has no plans on slowing down either. After the football season Sharon plans to go skydiving.

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