Local Car Show Raises Money for Great Cause


UNION GAP, Wa - KIMA Sports Director Alan Sillence went to a car show in Union Gap recently and not only saw some great cars but also some bikes in a rally that raised money for a wonderful cause.

The Reckin Crue, a local bike group, raised money at the first ever food, truck and craft rally in Union Gap to raise money for Shriner's Hospital.

"We expected maybe 20 cars and we're up over 25 already," Don Mittlieder said. "We just had a big pile of motorcycles come in, lot of people here. It's over what I wanted to do the first year."

Most of the cars on display could be considered rare and classic.

"Got a 1972 Volvo P-18 ES, they made the wagon version of this car for two years, '72 and '73, only about 8,000 made," Blayne Bowden said.

Perhaps the star of the show was Brutus, the Great Dane, along with cheerleaders and dancers and it was all for a great cause.

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