KIMA trivia winners score Seahawks doughnuts!

Big thanks for an overwhelming response to our Seahawks Super Bowl trivia contest.

Today, delivering the tasty goods to the winners.

First stop Apple Tree Corporate in Selah.

Mandy Hale "How are you doing? Go Hawks. There you go. Congratulations. Thank you for answering the question right. Got some doughnuts for you. Thank you. The whole office will love this."

Mandy Hale knows her tasty hawks trivia.

Mandy Hale "We won some Seahawks doughnuts guys. We won them? From KIMA. Go Seahawks. Oh my gosh. Oh, how cool. Somebody's got to give it the taste test. Alright. Go for it Mandy. MMM. Go Hawks. Now say it with your mouth full. Go Hawks."

On to John Campbell elemenatry in selah.....where they've definitely got their hawk on.........paying a visit to winner Sally Bolm's second grade class.

Sally Bolm "Who's going to win the Super Bowl this weekend? Seahawks. Seahawks are going to win? Ya. Do you like doughnuts? Ya. Oh my goodness. Seahawks doughnuts. They really are Seahawks doughnuts. Thank bet you're welcome. You're welcome. Seahawks. Go seahawks. We'll be watching...

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