Grid Kids Jamboree at SOZO on Saturday


YAKIMA, Wa - With the NFL and college football seasons just around the corner, that means that youth football is getting ready to start and this weekend features a sneak preview.

Over 20 Grid Kids football teams will take to the fields at the SOZO Sports Complex in Yakima this Saturday.

The annual Grid Kids Jamboree starts at 9:00 a.m.

Since opening last summer, the SOZO complex has hosted over 200 practices and games for Grid Kids and with the complex growing, the number of practices and games will only grow.

For those attending the Grid Kids jamboree, parking is $6 with one dollar going to the Yakima Valley Grid Kids Association, a non-profit group.

There's also two soccer tournaments going on at SOZO, the Copa America Men's Soccer Tournament and the Sunburn Coed Tournament.

There will be designated parking lanes for each event.

For more information please refer to the following websites and/or Facebook pages.

Grid Kids:

Copa America Men's Soccer Tournament:

Sunburn Coed Soccer Tournament:

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