Ellensburg Rodeo Hall of Fame Closer to New Home


ELLENSBURG, Wa - The Ellensburg Rodeo kicks off this Friday, but Thursday night could be considered the opening ceremonies. First, there's Ellensburg Rodeo Rockin' the Arena, a concert featuring Ned LeDoux, son of the late Chris LeDoux and Zach Hinson and there's the Ellensburg Rodeo Hall of Fame Banquet.

The Ellensburg Rodeo Hall of Fame Banquet and Auction acts as sort of the opening to the rodeo weekend and in recent years auctions has served as a fundraiser to finding a permanent home for the hall of fame this year it's Hides of Fame.

Joel Smith is looking forward to another great weekend at the rodeo and another great auction.

"Hides of Fame, we handed off to 24 artists and we had 24 sponsors for each artist that came through for us to produce some of the most exciting art we see, this is one of my favorite days of the year," Smith said.

Currently the Hall of Fame has a temporary home at the Clymer Museum in downtown Ellensburg, they've rented a room upstairs with a revolving display of rodeo history and the hall of fame. It started in July and will run through mid-September.

But, the long term goal is to raise money for a permanent home for the Ellensburg Rodeo Hall of Fame and Hides of Fame is a great fundraising tool.

"We have had so many giving artists that spend hours and hours doing this work and then we auction it off and we are looking to raise money to have this museum to celebrate the Ellensburg Rodeo since 1923," Marie Smith said.

Past auctions have raised tens of thousands of dollars toward the hall of fame and this year should be no different.

With a permanent home for the hall of fame, Ellensburg will further establish itself as Rodeo City.

For more information and ticket availability for the Hall of Fame Banquet please go to

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