Waitress claims co-worker ran off with winning $300K lottery ticket

MGN Online

(KARK) A waitress in Arkansas claims that half of a $300,000 winning lottery ticket her co-worker scratched off belongs to her.

The waitress at Sportsmans Drive-In in Stuttgart all received lottery tickets from their boss the Friday before Christmas.

"He told us whatever we won, it would be split between us for our Christmas bonus," said waitress Leslie Underwood.

Underwood and fellow waitress, Mandy Vanhouten, have been friends for a decade. They scratched off their pile together at the bar.

Vanhouten scratched off a $300,000 Fortune instant ticket, worth $10, and won the top prize. Since they work the same shift, she and Underwood would each get $150,000.

Underwood and Vanhouten were going to claim the money together in the new year, but Vanhouten decided to take it and run.

Underwood, a mother of five, saw Wednesday the picture of Vanhouten with a check in her hands and a big smile on her face.

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