Home invader tries to trick police into believing he is the homeowner

Jason Plasencia (LVMPD/KSNV)

A home invader terrorized an east valley family as they were inside their home, decorating for Christmas. One of the victims exclusively shared the horrifying details when a man kicked down the door of the family's home.

"She just heard a big bang and somebody started kicking the door, so she got scared. She called 911," said one of the victims.

One woman who spoke to News 3, identified as "Vanessa", is reliving the horror her mother and brother went through Sunday night inside their home near Nellis and Stewart. The family, too scared to show their faces, say the man, identified as Jason Plasencia, kicked the front door down.

"I can't believe that I would think if somebody broke down the door, the door, it would be to steal. We just got lucky he wasn't armed," said Vanessa.

After the 911 call was placed, Vanessa's mom and brother stayed holed up in a room on the second floor. When police arrived about five minutes later, she says they discovered Plasencia on the family's couch.

"He was saying it was his house. He was sitting on the couch. He didn't steal anything," said Vanessa.

A Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Report says when police asked Plasencia if he lived there, he said, "Yeah, don't you see!"

Officers say Plasencia refused to stand up. After police arrested him, they found Vanessa's mom and brother upstairs. The homeowner immediately told police she did not know the suspect.

"It was scary. We thought he was going to do something, take our stuff," said Vanessa.

Police ended up charging Plasencia with home invasion, burglary, and resisting arrest.

"I don't wish anything bad on him. I just hope my door gets fixed," said Vanessa. "I hope he never comes near my house again."

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