Designer creates coffee cups made from recycled coffee grounds

Credit: Kaffeeform/Cover Images

A Berlin-based start-up has designed a series of mugs and reusable cups made from recycled coffee grounds.

Kaffeeform is the brainchild of designer Julian Lechner, who collects coffee leftovers from local cafes to create his eco-friendly products. The grounds are then mixed with natural glues and wood particles, and molded into espresso and cappuccino mugs, or takeaway cup shapes.

The resulting cups are not only sustainable and reusable, but are dishwasher-friendly and super durable too.

"The amount of daily coffee consumption worldwide is growing, thus the potential of reusing its waste for further uses is enormous," said Lechner.

"Kaffeeform is a sustainable material that aims to take advantage of these readily available waste materials to become an alternative to petrochemical-based structural plastics."

He first developed the idea in 2009 while working in Italy, where he studied design at the Free University of Bozen.

"I started to recycle coffee grounds in Italy and worked out an injection-molding process to fabricate the old coffee into new cups by combing them with other renewable materials like wood grains and natural glues," he told website Dezeen.

"After five years of experimentation and investigation, a unique formula was created to transform old coffee into new products," said Lechner.

Each of the small cups features a handle on the side and comes with a matching curved saucer with an indent in the center to make sure the cups don't slip. They were field-tested at one of Lechner's local coffee shops in Berlin.

The cups are available to buy from the Kaffeeform website, and can be purchased as individual units, in pairs or as a set of four.

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