Holiday wish: Mom asks for Christmas cards for autistic son

Holiday wish: Mom asks for Christmas cards for autistic son (KOMO News) 

DES MOINES, Wash. -- A mother in Des Moines is asking people to send cards to her autistic son to make his Christmas wish come true.

“He’s such a happy kid,” Barbara Miller said about 11-year-old Apollo. “He wants to share it with everybody.”

Apollo is a bubbly, excited boy who was eager to share his Christmas list. Among several items, he’s asking for Christmas cards. He says he loves cards because of the nice compliments often written inside.

Despite his big personality, Miller says her son has trouble socializing with other kids. And at his birthday party this year, she was saddened by the lack of turnout. Only one kid was there as Apollo blew out his candles.

“He was just really sad that nobody had actually shown up to his party,” she said.

So Miller came up with a plan. She’s asking people to send cards for Apollo ahead of Christmas to surprise him on the holiday.

“Just to make him smile,” she said. “There’s nothing I want ever. It’s just for my son to be happy. And know that people are thinking about him.”

If you would like to send Apollo a letter, they can be mailed (or emailed) to the addresses below.

1412 S 130th St, Burien, WA, 98168

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