Mayor: City remains on alert following mass shooting at 'Christmas party'

CNN Newsource - San Bernardino mayor speaks

Following a day of bloodshed, San Bernardino Mayor Carey Davis thanked law enforcement and emergency crews for "an excellent job" responding to a shooting that left at least 14 dead, and 17 others wounded at what he called "a Christmas party."

"We appreciate your outpouring of support for our community," he said.

Mayor Davis mentioned city leaders were working with local clergy members to organize a vigil to honor the victims in the attack.

According to police, two of the suspects involved are dead. They were both identified as a man and a woman, armed with assault rifles and dressed in tactical clothing.

Authorities spent much of Wednesday night executing a search warrant at a nearby townhome.

Earlier in the day, city hall along with other buildings in the town were on lockdown; those have since been lifted.

"I think that our comm needs to continue to stay cautious," said Davis.

The mayor noted the city council met in a closed-door session to discuss details related to the incident.

"It's also important though too - not to panic."

When asked where the shooting took place, Davis said it was his understanding that "it was at a Christmas party," calling the actions of those involved "horrific."

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