Family, friends mourn deaths of mother, daughter killed in West Palm Beach

WPB double murder vigil. (WPEC)

A community is coming together after an act of domestic violence that left a mother and daughter dead.

A vigil was held Saturday evening for 36-year-old Kaladaa Crowell and her 11-year-old daughter Kyra Inglett at 822 3rd Street, where they were shot and killed.

The vigil was attended by friends, neighbors, and coworkers of the victims.

Those that attended said Crowell and Inglett were extremely close.

Some knew them well, while others just in passing came to say goodbye in the very sport their lives were taken.

A neighbor recounted seeing Inglett hours before she was killed.

“I saw that little girl that day. It was so sad for me to come outside after I heard them shots and seen her.”

Some in the group may have been strangers before Saturday, but their grief brought them together, sharing hugs and supporting each other.

Kyra's friends from Northboro Elementary where she attended wiped away tears at the thought of a life without their best friend.

But somehow they say that she’s still watching over them.

“If you’re hearing this [to Kyra] you are. We really miss you Kyra,” said Jayla Lewis, one of Inglett’s close friends.

Lewis wore purple shoes to the vigil in honor of Inglett’s favorite color.

Inglett’s friends say it will be difficult going to school without her on Monday, when school resumes.

“She used to come and make me happy," said a fellow student from Northboro Elementary. "Now she can’t do that anymore,”

Those that knew her mom say that's where Kyra got her infectious personality.

Gayle Harper, the principal of Northboro Elementary, also attended the vigil.

She said that that there will be grief counselors available for students on site.

Police are still looking for the man responsible for the killings.

They have a suspect and are asking for the public's help in locating him.

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