Zillah American Legion raise funds for bugle player

Zillah American Legion raise funds for bugle player

ZILLAH, Wash.- A middle school student had his Christmas wish come true today, all thanks to a local war veteran’s organization.

The Zillah American Legion heard the student play his trumpet, and knew he needed to perform during their Zillah Veteran’s Day Memorial event. A few weeks ago, they found out he wanted a bugle for Christmas, and raised enough money to get him one.

"I just have a trumpet right now and it's my dad’s. It's not a bugle and they call me their bugler, so I just kind of wanted a bugle for Christmas. My mom said I don't know we'll see, and then she just told me that I'm getting checked out of school for a meeting and then I get a Bugle! It's pretty exciting," said Aaron Alexander, Bugle Player for Zillah American Legion.

The war veteran's also presented him with an official Zillah American Legion vest.

Alexander has played at several Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day events, and says he's looking forward to trying out his new bugle at many more.

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