YVFWC reveals how they prevent you from catching diseases at the clinic

    YVFWC reveals how they prevent you from catching diseases at the clinic

    TOPPENISH, Wash.- Hundreds of people flow in and out of clinics for treatment every day, many of them dealing with life threatening illnesses.

    It's a realization that's scary for most people, but people like Himanshu Tiwari, the Quality and Risk Manager at Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic (YVFWC), spend all day at these clinics to make sure you're protected from any diseases.

    "We want to make sure they are getting the best services in terms of cleanliness," said Tiwari.

    It's a responsibility that's vital to the healthcare field, but many don't even think twice about it when going to a hospital.

    "They often work behind the scenes, so they go unnoticed a lot," said Communications Coordinator Amber Betts.

    They manage disease control trainings, research new ways to keep patients safe and make sure each clinic is spotless for your visit. Tiwari said the majority of their time goes to making sure each clinic is in top shape.

    "Typically when we go to the clinic, it takes almost an entire day to go through each and every section of the clinic," said Tiwari.

    It's a commitment that Tiwari says may seem tedious to some, but to him and his team cleanliness in the workplace could be the the difference between life and death.

    "Healthcare is unpredictable and things can happen. We want to make sure the environment we provide doesn't add to their already existing issues, so we take a a lot of pride in that," said Tiwari.

    If you have a concern regarding the quality or safety of your care, YVFWC is encouraging you to let them know.

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