YVC Dental Clinic accepting patients

YVC Dental Clinic accepting patients

YAKIMA, Wash. - The dental hygiene program at Yakima Valley College is looking for mouths for their students to work on.

But don't worry, the program director said these students are knowledgeable juniors and seniors and supervised by licensed dental hygienists and dentists.

The clinic offers services like dental exams, teeth cleaning, X-rays, fillings and patient education.

Program Coordinator Cheri Podruzny said the hands-on experience is very beneficial to students.

"It's a great benefit to the students education as well as to the community because the services provided are such high quality," Podruzny said. "The students have an excellent opportunity to really perfect their skills and be employable."

Prices for services range from $48-$96 for teeth cleanings and $31-$69 for fillings. The clinic does accept state insurance. For patients first appointments, there is an $18 fee for an initial screening.

Students are taking appointments Monday through Friday and you can call the clinic at 509-574-4917 to schedule an appointment.

The clinic also provides translation services for patients.

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