YPD reports so far there have been 15 car prowls in the last 15 days

YPD reports so far there have been 15 car prowls in the last 15 days

YAKIMA, Wash.- Car prowls continue to be a problem in the city of Yakima.

Since the start of this year Yakima Police Department (YPD) reports there have been 15 cases of cars being broken into and valuables stolen.

Lieutenant Shawn Boyle at YPD says car prowls can happen to anyone if you leave the expensive things out in the open for thieves to see, it even recently happened to him in Snohomish County.

"One of my doors was inadvertently left open and someone went through my car. I guess it points out the importance of locking your car and making sure its secure because there was three other cars parked in the same driveway and none of them were broken into" said Boyle.

Here in the KIMA parking lot, Action News wanted to test their employees and see if they had anything of value in their cars that was visible to see.

Most employees passed with flying colors, bu there were some cars that would definitely score high on the car prowl list.

There was one car with a lot of valuable items stacked in his trunk.

"It's in here because I'm transporting it, I just haven't put it in my house yet. But someone could come along and steal this and that would be horrible for me," said Bill McCann at KIMA.

Another had cash sitting in his front seat.

"Today I went to the coffee shop and grabbed it and came through the gated lock so I didn't worry about it. If I was at the store or something I wouldn't have left it there. I would have put it back in my pants pocket," said Eric Tatro at KIMA.

Boyle says avoid leaving laptops, cell, phones or anything you think is valuable visible in your car, make sure your car door is locked at all times and avoid parking your car in streets that are not well lit.

Boyle says the harder you make it for thieves, the better chance you have a not falling victim to car prowls.

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