YPD practicing community policing, hoping to reconnect with the public

    YPD practicing community policing, hoping to reconnect with the public

    YAKIMA, Wash. - Yakima Police Officers are now working beats throughout the nine districts in the city, with at least two officers working a district at all times.

    Yakima Police Captain Jay Seely said the shift to beat patrolling is part of 21st century policing and a way to connect with the community.

    "What we hope will happen is the community will get to know the officer," he said. "The officer is going to show up at the community events, they're going to be interacting with the community in that specific neighborhood and so they'll know each other and hopefully that builds a bond and a trust and information will flow both ways."

    Seely said YPD used to practice community policing in the early 1990s and started it back up in February.

    It allows officers to get to know those in the community they patrol and hopefully community members will get to know the officers.

    Seely said this gives each officer a specific part of town to focus on and really crack down on crime in that area.

    "In this specific neighborhood we have these people committing these crimes, let's target these people and narrowly focus down to this and see if we can make a difference in this particular neighborhood," Seely said.

    YPD said they will evaluate how beat patrolling is going every 60 days and make changes if necessary.

    Yakima Police have an interactive map on their website where community members can see what district they are in, what officers are patrolling their neighborhoods and how to contact them.

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