Yakima PD arrests 15-year-old murder suspect

Yakima PD arrests 15-year-old murder suspect

YAKIMA, Wash. - On October 24th, 17-year-old Napoleon Prado was found dead on South 7th Street after being shot five times.

Fast forward to now and police have arrested 15-year-old Luis Medina-Beltran for the murder of Prado.

Medina-Beltran was found at an apartment complex, just three blocks from where the shooting happened and two blocks away from the police station.

While it seems like he has been hiding in plain sight, Lieutenant Mike Pollard with Yakima police said a tip from Crime Stoppers led to the arrest.

“Getting your hands-on people is sometimes difficult. We have people that flee the state or the even the country,” he said. “So, this tip was instrumental in getting this done for us.”

This is the second recent major arrest Crime Stoppers has assisted. After tipping off law enforcement to find a Wapato man wanted for attempted murder, who was hiding in Arizona.

The President of Yakima County Crime Stoppers Mark Peterson said their improved system and use of social media have helped them be more useful to the police.

“The murder suspect that was captured was highly likely to commit more crimes, but thanks to the Crime Stoppers and no cost to the tax payers, he was arrested,” Peterson said.

Medina-Beltran is only 15 years old but prosecuting attorney Joe Brusic said they're trying to get him charged as an adult.

“We want to be aggressive in attacking someone who allegedly commits a very serious crime in our community,” Brusic said.

Medina-Beltran and Prado were both minors and police say the shooting was gang-related.

Something Pollard said is becoming more common with younger people.

“It is unfortunately become common,” he said. “Kids are in this lifestyle and when you do this life style results are often death or prison.”

Brusic said Medina-Beltran made his appearance in juvenile court today with bail set at $250,000.

Also, if the attempt to try him as an adult goes through, he will be charged as an adult for any future crimes he may commit.

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