YCSO gets military equipment for emergency response

YCSO gets military equipment for emergency response

YAKIMA COUNTY, Wash. - The Yakima County Sheriff's Office (YCSO) is getting some new trucks for free.

The Sheriff's Office said there was a need for more vehicles as Search and Rescue functions largely on a volunteer basis, meaning they rely heavily on donations.

Defense Logistics Agency is a government program that allows the county to get equipment that the military no longer uses.

YCSO Sgt. Randy Briscoe said these used cargo trucks are still in great condition and could go for over $100,000 but through this program, the county gets them for free.

"We're getting close to three to four hundred thousand dollars of property we were able to acquire so far this year," he said. "That is a savings back to the public so that we can meet the need the public has but yet the cost is not there to the public."

But what are these vehicles used for?

YCSO's Search and Rescue Department would use the vehicles to transport people or equipment during emergency situations.

Briscoe said they first saw a need for military equipment during the 1996 flood when crews had to travel over hills to pick up stranded people.

However, he said those vehicles are worn out and with the ongoing Rattlesnake Ridge landslide, the county wanted to get new vehicles to be prepared.

"We're preparing for the landslide was one of the reasons I really hustled to get these," Briscoe said. "If there is any condition that we need to get maybe through water, up the hills, this guy would do it."

He said they can go through 38 inches of water and more than two feet of snow.

Briscoe said these trucks will last the county about 20 years.

Some other items the county received through the program include a new boat motor, a forklift, a one-ton flatbed truck, generators and supplemental lighting.

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