Yakima's STD rates are on the rise

Yakima's STD rates are on the rise

YAKIMA, Wash. --Yakima County is winning the race in the state when it comes to STD rates.

The county has the worst rate of gonorrhea. And the second worst rate of chlamydia.

“It's not good. I feel like for a lot of younger adults and our generation nowadays we need to be more careful and talk about protection more,” said Yakima Valley Community College student Mosdesta Britton.

When talking to students at YVC, they all agreed that more needs to be done in terms of early education to keep these alarming rates down.

“I think one way to keep STD rates from going up is to keep education in the schools and let students know what the safe sex techniques are, and best way to prevent that. It's time right now when a lot of people are becoming more sexually active, and I just think it’s important that they are aware the best way to go about it,” said YVC student Christopher Schulz.

Per 100,000 people, Yakima has a gonorrhea rate of 176.6 compared to last year's 150.3. The rate jumped up by 17 percent. And the chlamydia rate, though it seems to remain almost unchanged from 2015 to 2016, is still the second worst rate in the state.

“The discussion needs to happen in children's high schools and college campuses, and this is why programs such as Planned Parenthood are so important because they give out free condoms and free preventives to these students,” said YVC student Liam Festa.

The Yakima Health District offers free STD and HIV testing every Wednesday. They also provide free condoms.

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