Yakima agrees to $130K to DNR for South Wenas Fire

Yakima's insurance will pay $130K for South Wenas Fire

YAKIMA, Wash. - Yakima has reached a settlement over a wildfire that scorched the Selah ridge last summer.

The city of Yakima says because the city's insurance has already reached its deductible, none of this money will come from the city's budget. The insurance will pay $130,000 to the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) for damages caused in the South Wenas fire back in June of 2017. City council agreed to the settlement during their meeting on Sept. 11.

According to a DNR investigation, members of the Yakima SWAT team started the fire during a target shooting practice near Selah.

The report states one of the bullets ricocheted off a metal object behind the target and hit a power line causing the fire to spark up. The report also stated the officers didn't know they had started the fire until someone else pointed it out.

This is the same fire that required Yakima to pay $59,000 in taxpayer dollars to Pacific Power after the company suffered over $100,000 of damages to power lines. The entire settlement was reached at $119,000, but around $60,000 will be paid by the city's insurance.

The city says they are not admitting fault to the incident, but are agreeing to this settlement.

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