Yakima's Folklife Festival kicks off today at Franklin Park

Yakima's Folklife Festival kicks off today at Franklin Park

YAKIMA, Wa. -- If you want to spend your weekend eating, drinking and listening to Folk music you might want to head over to Yakima’s Folklife Festival.

The Folklife Festival is a tradition here in Yakima celebrating its 35th year so far.

Yakima Folklife Association President Nicol Sloon says this event is intended for people to get out of their house, listen to some good music and have a good time.

“We want people to just have fun, have a fun weekend, its family friendly. A free time that they can hang out together, enjoy the music, get some good food and just chill and hang out," said Sloon.

The event is filled with shopping vendors, different kinds of foods, craft beer and lots of music.

There will also be activities for your children to enjoy as well as free admission to the Yakima Valley Museum.

Several Wineries and Breweries in Downtown will also be participating in the event including Kana Winery, Antolin Cellars and Hop Nation Brewing.

The Folklife Festival kicked off at Franklin Park today at 6 in the afternoon.

Some of the Performers taking the stage today include Dean Johnson, Bradford Loomis and Lenore.

Music Coordinator Navid Eliot, who will also be performing, says although Folk music can be danceable and fun at times it can also bring people together with the choice of words.

“Folk music, historically, really is a good vehicle for the working class to sort of have their voice heard," said Eliot.

Yakima’s Folklife Festival will run throughout the entire weekend.

The event is free to the public and anyone is welcome to stop by.

For more information head over to the Yakima Folklife Association website.

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