Yakima YMCA raises money to send kids to summer camp

Yakima YMCA raises money to send kids to summer camp

YAKIMA, Wash. -- "It takes a lot of 75 cent books to send a kid to camp," said YMCA Camp Dudley Director Kyle McPherson.

McPherson says it costs about $345 to send a kid to their week-long summer camp, near White Pass.

But, not every family can come up with the extra cash.

"We want to include kids from the community who wouldn’t normally be able to afford to come to camp," he said.

Cue the Camp Dudley Annual Book Sale, where the YMCA offers thousands of used books for sale for less than a dollar.

The proceeds go toward sending as many kids as possible to their summer camp.

Last year, they say they were able to send 20 local kids.

McPherson says giving kids the experience of camp is more important now than ever, because it forces them to unplug from from their phones and video games, and live in the moment.

"Summer camps, in general, are a place that puts down technology and really builds the friendship building and the team work and conflict resolution, and really teach it in a way that just nowhere else in their lives teaches it. It’s a skill they need to learn, and at camp, they’re immersed into a small community and they learn it," said McPherson.

The book sale is over, but there's still time to help.

If you'd like to help send a kid to Camp Dudley, click here.

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