Yakima woman accused of taking gun to shoot her teachers

Yakima woman accused of taking gun to shoot her teachers

YAKIMA -- A Yakima woman is facing charges after being accused of taking a loaded gun to school with the intent of shooting some of her teachers.

36-year-old Carolynn Hosey is charged with felony harrassment. Police say she threatened to harm at least two of her professors at the WSU Nursing School facility located at the Yakima Valley College campus.

According to court records someone from a crisis hotline called the Yakima County Sheriff's office on Friday because Hosey told them she had gone to the campus Wednesday with a loaded gun looking for her teachers.

The person from the crisis hotline says when one of the teachers was not there, Hosey told them she decided not to go through with it.

Police have taken Hosey's firearms while the case is being investigated.

Hosey says she didn't make any threats, and that she has a concealed carry license and often carries her gun with her.

The judge released Hosey without bail pending trial.

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