Yakima Valley Partner's Habitat for Humanity honors local supporters

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YAKIMA Wash. -- Locals who volunteer their time, donate or support to Yakima Valley Partner’s Habitat for Humanity are being recognized for their assistance to the organization.

Habitat for Humanity hosted their annual Habitat Golden Hammer Awards celebration at the 4th Street Theater in Yakima.

Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity Isabel Garcia says they wanted to honor the people who have given so much to their organization.

“Without their donations, their generosity, their time, their funding and their partnership we wouldn’t be able to build homes for the families in need, and habitat wouldn’t be habitat,"said Garcia.

Garcia says these people have done much more than just give back, they have believed in Habitat for Humanity’s mission.

During the ceremony, they spoke about the organizations achievements, the families being helped and the people who make it all happen.

Several awards were given such as volunteer of the year, volunteer group of the year, donor of the year and much more.

Nancy Callenberger won the Volunteer Group of the year award along with several other members who volunteer with her every Monday morning.

She says she volunteers because it’s very rewarding and fulfilling.

“We didn’t know we were up for it, it’s nice to be recognized but that’s not why we do it. We just do it because we enjoy each other and what we’re doing," said Callenberger.

Habitat for Humanity is a private non – profit organization who partners with low – income families and helps them build their dream homes.

The organization has been in the Yakima Valley for 33 years and has built 174 homes so far.

Garcia says they are proud to be surrounded by people who actually care and give back to their community, and help others achieve their goals in life.

If anyone is interested in volunteering or supporting Yakima Valley Partner’s Habitat for Humanity you can go to their website by clicking here.

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