Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic talks about when to take kids to the emergency room

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TOPPENISH Wash. -- It might be scary when your child gets sick, but taking them to the emergency room right away could have you spending more than you should.

The Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic put together a seminar to talk to locals about when it is appropriate to use the emergency room, when you might be better off calling your primary care provider or when you should stay at home.

Clinic Pediatrician Dr. Aaron Grigg says there are several ways to avoid going to the emergency room.

“Your clinic can sometimes help you with knowing when to go in and so calling your after-hours number or the after-hours number for the insurance plan, sometimes will help you get a nurse on the line or a doctor on the line that can help you to make that decision with them," said Grigg.

Grigg says before parents take their kids to the emergency room, they should make sure their kids are getting enough fluids, make sure they are able to breathe okay and that the child is comfortable.

Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic says the goal of this seminar is to help people save time and money.

Griggs says overall parents should know their kids and know when their child is too sick to stay at home.

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