Yakima Valley College hosting Black History 101 Mobile Museum

    black history 101 mobile museum.PNG

    YAKIMA Wa. -- Yakima Valley College is hosting an award winning Black History 101 Mobile Museum.

    The mobile museum was founded by Khalid el – Hakim with a collection of over 7,000 original artifacts of black memorabilia dating from the trans- Atlantic slave trade era and hip hop culture.

    Assistant Gerald Bolden says the mobile museum has traveled to 32 states visiting over 300 institutions including colleges, corporations, libraries and much more.

    “It’s to raise the level of awareness that equality needs to happen a little more rapidly, change may not happen in our lifetime but we’re hopeful that it does by facilitating information," said Bolden.

    Some of the people featured in the mobile museum include Martin Luther King Junior, Malcom X and even Colin Kaepernick.

    The Black History 101 Mobile Museum will be at the Grandview campus tomorrow at the activity center from nine in the morning to five in the afternoon.

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