Yakima Valley Celebrates White Cane Day

Yakima Valley Celebrates White Cane Day

SELAH, Wash.- Kids from all over the valley attended this Paralympic Experience that was put on by the North West Association for Blind Athletes. It gives the kids an opportunity get some physical activity, while raising awareness.

"We get the kids excited to be more independent in their lives by participating as a team," said Stacey Gibbins who is the Director of Programs for North West Association for Blind Athletes.

Gibbins says kids with their disabilities are often at a disadvantage with physical activities at school, so she makes it her goal to provide activities for people that are blind or visually impaired. Parents are excited that there is something specifically designed for their children.

"There's not a lot of events going on for visually impaired kids within the area that I know of. Which is really beneficial for kids like him so that they can interact with different kids," said Gibbins.

More than 1,500 people have participated in this organization's events. Kids here today say it's a life changing experience.

"Having fun isn't just for non-sight impaired, it's also for us sight impaired too. Everyone needs to enjoy a good time," said Lilly Miller who participated in the event today.

You can visit their website to find upcoming events or to learn how to get involved with the organization.

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