Yakima trying to make First Avenue's "Fruit Row" historic

Yakima trying to make First Avenue's "Fruit Row" historic

YAKIMA, Wash. -- The agricultural industry is a big part Yakima and now the city is trying to get the place where it all started recognized.

The city refers to "Fruit Row" as the fruit and agricultural related facilities along First Avenue and some of those buildings have been around for about 100 years.

They received a $12,000 grant to try and put "Fruit Row" on Washington's historical register.

Yakima's Communications Director Randy Beehler said the idea was started by a few members of the community several years ago because of how important agriculture is to our community.

"That is really where the fruit industry, the fruit processing industry was born in the Yakima Valley," he said. "It's a very historic area of our town, but is a bit underrecognized."

Beehler said the city hopes to find out if fruit row will become historic by next spring.

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