Yakima Trolley Man Retiring After 40 years

Yakima Trolley Man Retiring After 40 years

YAKIMA, Wash.- A Yakima Valley trolley motorman is retiring after 40 years of service.

Larry Perrigo was the volunteer motorman with Yakima Valley Trolleys. For years he has amazed local and out of state trolley passengers with his wide range of historical city knowledge.

"I was almost middle age when I started this, it was a part time job that actually paid at the time. I was starting to farm apples and needed a little more income. I liked trains for a long time and enjoyed doing it from the start," said Larry Perrigo, Former Yakima Valley Trolley Motorman.

A piece of engraved original 1906 trolley rail that was made by another retired trolley man was gifted to him for his service.

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