Yakima teacher nominated for one of the highest teacher awards in the U.S.

Yakima teacher nominated for one of the highest teacher awards in the U.S.

YAKIMA, Wash.- Twenty-eight years, that's how long one teacher here at Roosevelt Elementary School has been educating first graders.

Twenty-eight classes, and embedding information to hundreds of kids, and now passing that down to some of their own kids. It's an accomplishment that is appreciated by many, especially some of her students.

Julie Fry's patience and love for teaching others, has lead her to being one of four state finalists for the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching. She's the only teacher in Yakima that's in the running.

"I feel really responsible, I feel very dedicated to my young students. They can think critically, they can solve problems and that just puts life into my job," said Fry.

This award is one of the highest levels of honor a teacher could ever receive from the U.S. government.

Mrs. Fry says her students make it easy for her to love her job. Especially when it it's time to see first hand what they're learning from their textbooks.

And students that have taken her class says those moments were the most memorable.

"My favorite part about science is when we made little windmills," says 2nd Grader Lily Zarate.

"We loved making stuff, and we made lots of stuff and I still have some stuff that we made," said 3rd Grader Howard Larson.

"She let us make paper airplanes. It's kind of like my hobby," said third grader Wolf Nelson.

It's obvious why her students look forward to these days. Laughter and excitement fills Mrs. Fry's room as she gives them their Rolly Pollies, and she says she doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon.

"I want to keep going and doing what I'm doing. It must be working. It must be motivating other people to keep trying too, and that makes it worth it for me," says Fry.

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