Yakima sees spike in construction for single-family projects in 2018

    City of Yakima sees spike in construction for single-family projects in 2018.

    YAKIMA, Wash.- Yakima was full of hard hats and power tools last year because the number of building permits for single family construction within city limits was twice as much as 20-17.

    “There was a rise last year across the board in all of the construction permits that the city issued. From single family houses to commercial activity and duplexes,” Randy Beehler with the City of Yakima said.

    In 2018, 144 single family homes valued at over $34 million were approved. Which is far ahead of the $21 million approved the year before.

    There was also twice as many duplexes built. Which the city said can be a big step in giving more people a place to live in an area with limited option.

    Yakima county only has about a two percent rent vacancy rate and Kittitas county with only half a percentage point of vacancies.

    “Our vacancy rate is extraordinary low and part of the reason why that is, is because of the lack of housing stock,” Beehler said.

    City leaders said the added housing options won't only give people more places to live, but more options for work as well.

    And that means we'll have even more things to do around town.

    “You see growth in amenities, restaurants, hotels, services. So, people who live here are able to access more goods and services then they could when the job count was lower,” Jonathan Smith with the Yakima County Development Association said.

    Smith said not only Yakima, but the county has added more jobs every year since 2011.

    Adding around 11,000 jobs over that time.

    Smith said with all the added growth of homes being built and the businesses already here, we'll likely have even more jobs added this year.

    “Most of it is coming from businesses that exist already. That are local and have been here for a number of years and they've found they’re able to be successful enough that they can grow,” he said.

    Overall the city approved over $100 million worth of construction in 2018.

    So, if you're looking for a new place to live, you may a lot of options about to open up.

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