Yakima schools collect food for those in need

Yakima schools collect food for those in need

YAKIMA, Wash. - KIMA's annual kids for cans contest wrapped up on Wednesday.

The food drive is a competition between local Yakima schools to see who can collect the most food for those in need.

Northwest Harvest Community Engagement Manager Sheri Bissell said they have not yet calculated the final numbers but when they do they tally up the amount of pounds each school collects and divides it by the number of students to keep things fair.

"So right now this year, with 23 schools and we still have more pounds to come in, we are at almost 41,000 pounds which is just over 31,000 meals," she said.

However, Bissell said there are five schools left to count this year.

Last year, with 28 local schools participating, the challenge raised over 46,000 pounds of food, equaling almost 36,000 meals.

Through Kids for Cans parents and students can donate money or bring in a variety of canned goods such as spaghetti sauce, green beans, chili or even cases of water.

"Food drive food is variety food and we send that out to the food banks is very important," Bissell said. "It's important because it gives those people in the food back lines a choice, they have choices of what kind of soup their family likes and what kind of vegetables they use and they can put meals together."

Students from Apple Valley Elementary School loaded up a truck with the food their school collected and 4th grader Andrew was excited to help.

"It went pretty awesome," Andrew said. "I always feel great when I'm helping out the community or other people, even when I'm not getting anything in return."

Apple Valley had a school goal to raise more than 625 pounds of food and their was a special incentive attached.

"The goal is raising more than our amount last year of cans," 4th grader Lauren said. "For Apple Valley one of the teachers will make a human sundae out of another teacher."

What does that mean? Well the kids said they get to pour ice cream and fudge and toppings onto one of their teachers. They said the incentive worked, I guess we'll have to wait and see how much they raised.

Northwest Harvest said they are collecting the final donations from schools today and tomorrow and should have a winner by early next week.

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