Yakima Rotary Trust to award over $800,000 in scholarships


YAKIMA Wa. -- More than $800,000 in scholarships will be awarded by the Yakima Rotary Trust this week.

According to a press release, funding for the scholarships comes from a $20 million educational bequest made by Mary Monroe Davis.

She was a longtime Yakima resident who passed away in 2008.

Downtown Yakima Rotary Public Relations Randy Beehler says, since the scholarships were first awarded in 2010 more than $6 million dollars in scholarships have been awarded to 335 students.

“It is a lot of money that is given to these students and it makes a real difference in them being able to continue their college education and hopefully change the world,” said Beehler.

Beehler says this year 34 students will be awarded scholarships ranging from $7,500 to $30,000.

The scholarships will be presented at the Yakima Convention Center on Thursday during a special luncheon ceremony in the Senator Alex Deccio Ballroom.

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