Yakima Rotary Club raises millions for city aquatic center

Yakima Rotary Club raises millions for city aquatic center

YAKIMA, Wash. - The Yakima Rotary Club has raised $3.3 millions to build the city's new aquatic center.

The rotary club announced at their meeting Thursday afternoon, they have naming rights of the center and it will be called Yakima Rotary Aquatic Center.

It will be built in Chesterley Park off 40th Avenue and River Road and take up two soccer fields.

Crews are set to begin construction in May or June of this year. The rotary club hopes to open the aquatic center in fall 2019, when the club will celebrate it's 100th year.

Rotary Centennial Committee Chairman Darrell Blue said the group had a goal of two million dollars and well exceeded it.

“I am extremely pleased in the way that Yakima Rotarians are supporting the effort to celebrate 100 years of service to the community," Blue said. "The generosity of many members of Yakima’s three rotary clubs will help make this gift possible.”

Blue said although they reached their goal the fundraising is not complete and they are still taking donations from the public.

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