Yakima police are teaching people how to prepare for violent intruders

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YAKIMA, Wash. - Would you know what to do if a violent intruder walks into your home or workplace?

The Yakima Police Department is teaching people how to prepare themselves for any violent intruders.

YPD School Resource Officer Nathan Henyan hosted a free preparedness class where he talked about workplace violence, awareness, recognizing signs in an intrusion and preparedness in case of an intruder.

“Unfortunately the trend is on the uptick nationally when it comes to violent intruder events. There are a lot of reasons behind that, but it’s something that we try to do at least one time a year just to keep the public informed," said Henyan.

During the training, several examples of violent acts happening all over the world were presented.

One of the examples was the Turkey Nightclub attack where a man shot at 65 people and killed 39 people in a matter of 7 minutes, before police had even arrived.

According to YPD, many violent intruder acts happen in the workplace or in schools by co – workers or classmates.

Henyan says on average there are over 700 homicides in the workplace worldwide every year.

Police say one of the ways people can be aware of an intruders is by recognizing any strange behavior by an individual that causes others concerns.

Now if you are in a place that is being attacked by an intruder, police say the best thing to do is to try to get away.

“Run, barricade or fight is the three basic strategies when we start talking about life and death violent intruder events," said Henyan.

If you need to fight back, Henyan says you have to commit 100 percent because if you don’t, the intruder can regain the advantage.

Three main places you want to target if someone has a hold of you is pinching them in their eyes, punching them in the throat or hitting them in the side of their neck.

Henyan quoted Theodore Roosevelt saying, “In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing at all.”

Those wanting more information can call YPD at 509-575-6197.

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