Yakima police PIO investigated for alleged road rage

Yakima police PIO investigated for alleged road rage

YAKIMA, Wash. - Yakima's public information specialist for the police department is being investigated for a road rage incident, police say.

A complaint claims Yakima Police Department's (YPD) Mike Bastinelli followed and harassed a driver who he allegedly witnessed running a stop sign.

The driver informed police that on July 10, Bastinelli followed her to the Yakima County Department of Corrections, where she works, after she said she didn't notice a stop sign posted at 2nd Street and Pacific, and failed to stop.

According to documents, Bastinelli followed the driver, honking at her car on her way to work.

Once the driver parked at the Department of Corrections, Bastinelli allegedly confronted her at her car in an aggressive manner, saying she almost hit him at the intersection and identifying himself as a YPD employee.

Department of Corrections obtained video at which the reported incident took place. Police said Bastinelli could be seen in that footage.

Police said Bastinelli was questioned regarding this incident. Bastinelli reportedly told police he did not identify himself as a YPD employee.

In his interview, Bastinelli said he has been involved in incidents like this as a private citizen in the past, and people are usually grateful for pointing out traffic violations.

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