Yakima Police held press conference to discuss officer-involved shootings

Yakima Police held press conference to discuss officer-involved shootings.

YAKIMA, Wash.- Two people dead, one in the hospital and multiple officers on administrative leave in less than two days.

A week Captain Jeff Schneider said he has never seen before.

“I don't think we'd even had two officer involved shootings in a 24-hour period,” he said. “It's obviously very unusual to face this level of threat.”

At one point on Christmas day, YPD had two different stand-offs going on for a total of more than 15 hours between the two.

With temperatures dropping below 20 degrees this week, Yakima had to call in the Benton SWAT team for support.

“The temperature is so cold so it requires a lot of rotation between officers, because they can only be outside for so long in these types of temperatures,” Schneider said.

After last night's standoff on 12th Ave., it brings Yakima’s SWAT team to almost 30 responses for 2017. Which about doubles their average.

Schneider said the number is so high because YPD has become more involved with how situations escalate.

“A lot time it takes more manpower because you have to secure a scene and you have to hold it for these instances for a total of 15 hours,” he said.

All three of the stand-offs ended with police shooting someone.

With five officers being investigated due to protocol, YPD has called Washington State Patrol to help.

“We have two different districts. Two of the five state patrol districts are in Yakima handling investigations,” Schneider said.

Police announced the officers that have been placed on leave from recent shootings.

From the Pierce Street shooting, 36-year-old officer Booker Ward has been with YPD for eight years.

Officers Shane Stevie and Patrick Shad are on leave for shooting a man at the Cascade Apartments.

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