YPD: Block watches cause huge reduction in crime

YPD: Block watches cause huge reduction in crime

YAKIMA, Wash. -- The Yakima Police Department (YPD) is working with the community to stop the violence in our neighborhoods.

YPD is hosting their first monthly Block Watch meeting to encourage people to start block watches or be part of one in their community.

YPD Community Services Officer Nikki Sandino says block watches are beneficial because neighbors get to know one another and they know who is an outsider.

“If there’s a suspicious person on the street, they know that that person doesn’t necessarily belong there, where an officer driving by on a street might not know if that person lives there or doesn’t live there, is visiting, should or shouldn’t be there," said Sandino.

People will learn about starting a block watch, the requirements, what should be reported and how activities should be reported.

People will also be able to get up to date information on current city events and trending crimes.

Sandino says these monthly meetings will be an opportunity to network with YPD personnel and members from other block watches throughout our community.

According to YPD, there is a 50 to 85 percent reduction in burglaries for Yakima neighborhoods once they have initiated a block watch.

Neighbor Kathy Hennessy says she and her neighbors have a block watch and she would definitely recommend it if people want to stay safe.

“I tried to stop a guy a few months ago who came out of a neighbor’s yard with a backpack full of stuff and after calling 911, the police did apprehend him," said Hennessy.

These meetings will take place every second Monday of every month.

For more information you can contact the YPD Community Services Office at (509) 575 - 6197.

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