Yakima Police Department warning people about Apple support scam

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    YAKIMA Wash. -- The Yakima Police Department is warning people about an Apple support scam.

    According to YPD, they have received several complaints of people who have received phone calls from someone claiming to be from Apple tech support.

    Police say these scammers use fake emails, pop-up ads, text messages and phone calls to try and trick you into sharing personal information such as your Apple ID or credit card number.

    YPD spokesperson Mike Bastinelli says, if you receive this call do not give out any information and instead hang up.

    “Apple doesn’t operate that way they’re not just going to call you out of the clear blue. If you feel like you have a problem with your phone or your computer, you can call Apple yourself so I would suggest to anybody receiving such a phone call, you hang up," said Bastinelli.

    YPD says people can also look up the number that is calling them to see if it is legitimate.

    Bastinelli says the only legitimate Apple Tech Support line is (800) 692 – 7753.

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