Yakima Police Chief turned down for job in Topeka

Yakima Police Chief turned down for job in Topeka

YAKIMA, Wash. - The Yakima Police Chief is staying put for now.

Officials with the Topeka Police Department announced the hiring of new police chief Bill Cochran on January 12, meaning Yakima Chief Dominic Rizzi was not appointed to the position.

After a thorough interviewing process, Rizzi was one of three final candidates selected for the job. The department, however, announced they would appoint interim Topeka Police Chief Cochran to formally take over.

Chief Rizzi said he is pleased with the way the city of Topeka handled the selection of police chief by hiring internally.

Rizzi was previously a leading candidate for the Spokane Police Chief during the summer of 2016.

He says he wants to continue looking for a long-term position and find the best place for him and his wife.

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