Yakima police K-9 visits West Valley school

Yakima PD K-9 visits West Valley school

WEST VALLEY, Wash-- Kids in Brandi VanDeBrake's 3rd grade class say they've been waiting for this day.

“I'm excited to play with the dog or pet it,” said 3rd grader Valerie Longgland.

It's the day when all their reading and learning about police and their K-9’s comes full circle. They say they learned plenty of fun facts.

“They help officers and they catch criminals and find lost children,” said 3rd grader Ethan Balagtas.

VanDeBrake says she’s no stranger to making her lessons hands-on and memorable for her kids. She says she likes to educate them, but to do so in a fun and innovative way.

So, for this particular one, she called in the Yakima Police Department's K-9 unit to make sure this lesson leaves a lasting impression.

“They’re gonna see it in action, and it'll be more memorable for them. Hopefully, it'll be one of those events in school where they'll be able, in a few years, to think back what was one of your favorite parts of elementary school,” said VanDeBrake.

Sergeant Tory Adams from the Yakima Police Department has worked with K-9's for years. He was on hand to show and educate kids on how these K-9’s help save lives. He says he wants the kids to keep some things in mind.

“I want the kids to walk away with appreciation for the police dogs and what they do, and while they are beautiful animals, and they’re fun to look at, that they’re also working dogs and that there needs to be some caution around not only our dogs, but all dogs in the community,” said Adams.

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