Yakima motorcycle clubs donate big to the YWCA in time for Christmas

Yakima motorcycle clubs donate big to the YWCA in time for Christmas

YAKIMA, Wash.-- Some good news! The Yakima Harley Owners Group donated thousands of dollars’ worth of toys to the YWCA of Yakima. The YWCA serves victims and children of domestic violence. This comes at a tough time for many families who seek refuge there.

“These kids, when they leave their houses, they don't know if they’re gonna get Christmas or not. We're gonna make sure they get Christmas," said Duane Worrell, general manager of Owen’s Cycle.

Worrell said the YWCA is an organization that's dear to his heart, which is why he's carried on this tradition of more than 30 years of organizing a toy drive for kids who may come from homes where domestic violence is an issue.

“At any given time at the YCWA, there’s two to five hundred families up there that are broken up. So, when those people leave, they leave with nothing. So, its knowing that Christmas is gonna come around and we know some kids are gonna get Christmas that wouldn't have gotten it. So, it's a big deal," said Worrell.

Ray Matthews, president of the Unforegiven Motorcycle Club, said this is also an important cause to him. Helping people when they need it most is a priority for his club, and he wishes the public would see that.

“A lot of people think that we take from the community, but we like to give back. We're the biggest givers in the community, so the facade of bikers being bad guys, that's just TV stuff and movie stuff. It’s not real. The reality is, we all work for a living . We've got jobs. We're fathers, grandfathers, and that's what we're doing. Its giving back to the community,” said Matthews.

Because of all of the generous donations, the YWCA received a truck load of toys and $800 in cash donations.

Cheri Kilty, Executive Director of the YWCA in Yakima, said this is exactly what the kids need in time for the holidays.

“It gives them a sense of normalcy and it’s also a great partnership with all the Harley riders for them to really support families, and let them know nobody forgot them,” said Kilty.

You too, can drop off a donation at the YWCA of Yakima. Stop by at 818 W. Yakima Avenue. You can also visit them at

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